Airports! Woo!


So we made it from the Cleveland airport to the Philadelphia International Airport all safe and sound!

I always remember how much I love airports every time I get to be in one. There’s so much excitement and energy, and everything feels like a movie! Plus, I really don’t know why I don’t hang out at airports more often, because there are so many hot, bearded, traveler guys here! woah. skinny jeans everywhere.

Plus, I feel like people watching at airports is almost as fun as people watching at our local fair. Whenever I’m at the fair, I’m always thinking:

1. all of these people are 100% crazy.

2. there’s another person I went to high school with. don’t make eye contact.

3. I wonder what kind of drugs they inject into this food to make me keep buying it.

4. I’ve seen most of these outfits before on

It’s kind of the same thing whenever I’m at an airport, except I’m usually thinking:

1. it would be so romantic if I met my husband here.

2. businessmen are so cute. I hope I marry one.

3. world travelers are so cute. I hope I marry one.

4. boys in skinny jeans are so cute. I hope I marry one.

But anyway, the flight here was really short! So we didn’t really do anything. Plus, they confiscated my backpack with my laptop (rude) so all I did was stare out the window/at people mostly. I was slightly creeped out because the guy in front of me was watching a movie with Channing Tatum and laughing hysterically the whole time. It was just a little concerning because he was definitely over the age of 40, and I think he was by himself…but hey. I’m not making judgements, just observations.

The guy to my left was working on a slideshow about Israel, which just reminded me how desperately I want to go there. Tel Aviv is a 3 hour flight from Florence…so….we’ll see. So I pretty much watched his slideshow the whole time and planned my future adventures there.

Right now, we’re just sitting at the airport, waiting to board our flight to Frankfurt, Germany! woohoo! That flight is 10 hours long, so I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun stories about the people around me by then.

This trip is so fun already, and we’re not even out of the U.S. yet! And I’ve already updated my blog twice….so….that’s a pretty big deal.

Stay tuned!

Lizzie XO

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The chaos of the airport

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3 thoughts on “Airports! Woo!

  1. Lil says:

    Where did my first comment go???? Obviously – I am a novice blog person šŸ˜€

    Anyway…go for the world traveling business men in skinny jeans!!

  2. Kelly L says:

    Haha umm you don't hang out at airports more often because that is just creepy. Acceptable–People watching and being at the airport when you are traveling. Creepy–Being at the airport all the time and never going anywhere. Just wanted to make that distinction. Also I like that you are marrying 3 men. Shall I go ahead and add them to the list? šŸ˜› JK!! On a side note… why would they confiscate your backpack?? Chaches.

  3. Elizabeth Blosfield says:

    hahaha okay will do!! thanks for your approval!!!! haha
    hahaha kelly!!!!!! your comment made me crack up. people don't just creep at airports when they're not going anywhere?? I thought that was perfectly normal. Yes I am marrying three men do you have a problem with that? Actually, I have like a million husbands by now hahaha!! Maybe I can find the same man who is all three! wouldn't that just be incredibly convenient? that's never gonna happen. haha!! and I know, they didn't have room for any of our second carry ons apparently (just on the small flight to philadelphia) sooooo lame.

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