Thoughts from the Airplane.

  1. Sitting like this on a plane for 10 hours is really going to mess up my alignment.
    Dance has taken over my life.
  2. I hope my heart is still able to pump enough blood to my vital organs even though I’m all slouched like this.
  3. I just took the free pillow the flight attendant gave me and put it under my back for support…does that mean I’m old? Cause I feel like it might.
  4. I can’t believe Taken is on the list of movie options…who is going to voluntarily watch that while flying to a foreign country?
  5. I kind of want to…
  6. No I’m not going to.
  7. I’m bored with these movies. Let’s see what’s on T.V.
  8. The Big Bang Theory is hilarious! I could seriously watch it all day.
  9. I watched half an episode…close enough. Back to movies.
  10. There’s no way I’m watching The Lucky One again. I do not like Nicholas Sparks. I do not like romance movies. And it has a stupid ending that ruins the whole thing.
  11. OMG I’m totally watching The Lucky One again it has Zac Efron shirtless.
  12. All the shirtless Zac scenes are over, and I’m bored again. Time to listen to music.
  13. 20 minutes already?! Wow this 10-hour flight is going so fast.
  14. Why yes, Jon Foreman, don’t mind if you do sing me to sleep.
  15. Ok that three-minute Switchfoot song is over, and I’m still awake.
  16. I really want to look out the window…
  17. I wish this plane had bigger windows, or more windows…
  18. What if it was just all windows?! Floor, ceiling, sides, everything. Just a big see through plane like those bottomless boats! How sweet would that be? I feel like that should exist. Someone should invent that.
  19. Maybe I should invent that!
  20. Hahaha I’m too lazy to invent something.
  21. There are so many beards on this plane right now. Why don’t I travel internationally more often?
  22. I want to put my seat back, but I don’t want to annoy the guy sitting behind me like this dude in front of me did to me.
  23. If we all put our seats back at an equal angle, we will all have the same amount of room and be comfortable!
  24. I wonder if we can organize that in our row. It can be like elementary school: “Hey guys. Here’s the plan…pass it on.”
  25. The cute European boy sitting in front of me just got up to use the bathroom, and I was in the middle of a huge yawn. Not even the cute kind.
  26. I have literally slept in every position.
  27. My left leg is asleep.
  28. My right leg is asleep.
  29. My arm is asleep.
  30. Maybe if all the parts of my body slowly fall asleep, I will eventually fall asleep.
  31. Oh crap. ohcrapohcrapohcrap. My shoes got shoved really far under the seat in front of me….
  32. Well, this is awkward.
  33. Maybe I should put my shoes back on so that doesn’t happen again
  34. …nah.
  35. It’s freezing in here. bout to die.
  36. It’s soooo hot. bout to die.
  37. It looks sunny outside right now, but I know it’s really only 4:30 a.m. You’re not fooling me, Germany!
  38. I should write down all of my thoughts on this plane, because it’s a perfect example of how insane I am.
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7 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Airplane.

  1. Kelly L. says:

    I agree!! Very entertaining!! You are just so good at the blogging thing! I really enjoy 12…that is a perfectly acceptable reason to watch any movie.. hot shirtless guys. #24 seemed like a lot of math for you 😛 I should make you a list of thoughts while reading your list of thoughts…. Nah I'm too lazy…Okay I did it anyway

    1. Typical Lizzie first thing she thinks about is her alignment.
    2. Hahaha
    3. Wow this is pretty serious plane thinking.
    4. When I first read this one I thought at first you said you put it under your head and I was like eww who else used that pillow but then I didn’t get the old thing so I reread it
    5. What is taken? *looks up taken on Imdb* Oh okay yeah definitely don’t watch that
    6. Don’t do it
    7. No thought
    8. That is so cool that you can watch tv or movies
    9. Never seen the big bang theory
    10. Hahahha
    11. Hahaha. The ending is dumb. Like really.
    12. Good reason to watch any movie
    13. Plus he is making out with someone during all of the scenes pshhh
    14. That sucks
    15. No comment
    16. Hahahah typical lizzie
    17. I love looking out plane windows
    18. But yes they are very tiny
    19. That would be kinda cool but also very creepy at least to me
    20. Hahah
    21. Hahaha
    22. Oh goodness.
    23. Do it
    24. Ahahha woah back to the deep thoughts
    25. I love passing notes in elementary school
    26. Is there a way to yawn cutely?
    27. I can just see you thrashing around in your plane sleep. Hahah can you imagine if I moaned while sleeping on a plane?
    28-30. No comment
    31. I don’t think it works like that.
    32. I hate when that happens. That you have to do that awkward thing where you slouch down to retrieve them.
    33. hahha
    34. No that would be ridiculous
    So entertaining!!!

  2. Elizabeth Blosfield says:

    hahahaha oh thanks so much kelly!!!! hahahaha I really enjoyed all of your thoughts while reading this post. lol so entertaining!! I was cracking up! I think it's safe to say that we are both partially crazy! HAHA what if you started a blog and all of your posts were just responses to mine in the same format? hahahahahaha I would be very amused.

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