Dancing, writing and joy! 3 of my favorite things.

Hello there!

So I thought about posting something about the last couple of days today, but I just needed a break from writing…even though it’s what I’m doing now. We had a really lazy day today just resting, because we’ve all gotten so worn out from doing everything constantly, basically. And my brain is fried. So I’ve spent most of the day reading and browsing the internet (Although I did go to the library and on a walk!) And I found this article that I really liked. It’s by Jon Foreman, who is the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Switchfoot.

I feel like I could relate to this article because it’s my perspective on life, and also because people constantly ask me why I’m so happy all the time and if I ever get mad. I never know what to say, because it’s an awkward question if you think about it. I think the info in this is a really great way to respond to that awkward question, and life in general.

I like it when he says that “joy is a choice, not a result!”

So, I know it’s long, but I’m really tired and don’t feel like posting anything right now. Plus it’s wonderful and very true, so check it out if you have time!


Goodnight amici!

xoxo Lizzie xoxo

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