Lake Como. Part 1!

Hi there!

This weekend was a really good one. It was our very first weekend traveling by ourselves, so we weren’t sure exactly how it would work, but it turned out to be great!

We were trying to decide where to go, and some ideas were: Switzerland, Croatia, Poland, Sweden and Spain. We ended up having some problems with the travel agency we were working with though, and we didn’t have a chance to book our trip with enough time in advance to go out of the country. But, you live and learn! So we decided to stay in the country this weekend, which ended up being a lot cheaper and just as much fun!

We were all getting kind of restless, so we decided to take a two-day trip to Lake Como, which is where a lot of-ahem-ridiculously wealthy people live…including George Clooney and Madonna!

I have to say, I am so impressed with our newly developed ability to navigate train stations. We’re becoming expert world travelers! We took an express train from the station in Florence to a big, beautiful train station in Milan. Then we took a smaller, regional train to one of five villages in Lake Como. I’m kind of in love with trains. They just fascinate me for some reason. I think it’s mostly because I love people so much, and there is so much interesting people-watching to do and so many interesting people involved in a train ride.

Our seats on the first train were spread out, so I was sitting in a section by myself. Every time we stopped and somebody new would sit down across from me, I couldn’t help wondering who they were and what their story was. It’s just really interesting to me how many random strangers come in and out of our lives, and the brief impact they have on us.  And for some reason, trains make me think about that.

After we arrived at the train station in Lake Como, we had to take a ferry to our hotel. The weather had been stormy, so the waves on the lake were really big, which made it an interesting ferry ride. I’m not saying I was scared, but I’m also not saying the thought of our boat capsizing didn’t cross my mind one or two or a thousand times.

We are just going to pause for a second right here and have a moment of silence to appreciate the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen in all of my 20 years.

What do you see?  I see God! Nothing but Him could have created these masterpieces.

The world is seriously so beautiful!  Just being there made me extremely aware of the fact that I’ve been living in an Ohio-sized bubble. The whole weekend felt like a movie or a dream or something. The pictures and videos I have don’t even compare to what it was like in real life! I cannot get over the mountains. While I was there, I decided that I just want to live in the side of a mountain. With my bearded lumberjack husband. And a rose garden.

The first day, we walked to one of the other villages and did some eating and shopping. Some of the mansions by the lake are incredible. We decided that either George Clooney or a princess of some sort lives in every single one of them.

PS: rich people are obnoxious. I hope I never become like that. (When i’m a rich debutante someday, obviously)

We explored some beautiful churches and little shops, then took the trolley back to our hotel because it was freezing and windy by the lake at that point.

Note to self: when it is extremely windy and cold, do NOT, under any circumstance, ever wear a dress.

We spent some time resting at our hotel room and had a nice dinner. Then, we returned to our hotel and watched Anastasia!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about Day 2!

But for now, I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from anastasia:

“All men are babies.” -Anastasia

I just thought it was very true and relatable.

I hope your weekend was fantastic!


xoxo Lizzie xoxo

Writing Playlist:

The Struggle Album – Tenth Avenue North


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