Viareggio, classes, rainy days and new friends! Part 1.

Ciao Belle!

A lot has been going on around here, so I’ve been super busy! We decided to venture out on our first weekend excursion, and it was mildly successful. We didn’t go out of the country or anything, but we were all in desperate need of a beach, so we decided to travel a couple hours to the coast and spend the day at Viareggio!

We went with a huge group of people, so things were slightly stressful like they always are with big groups, but eventually we got it under control and had a really good time. We took a train, which was awesome, by the way. I forgot how much I love trains! Mostly because I haven’t ridden one in years.  They are just so peaceful!

And unlike airplanes (cough cough) they have HUGE windows. Which are good for: viewing the gorgeous tuscan scenery, avoiding eye contact with homeless creepers inviting you to play soccer, being in complete adoration of God and everything He makes, contemplating your life, re-thinking your life, being in shock that this is actually your life….etc.

Trains are also better than airplanes, in my humble opinion, because the temperature is consistently normal, the seats are bigger and less close together so you don’t have to make awkward conversation with the people next to you, and they are 100% more comfortable for sleeping.

Whoever invented trains knew what they were doing. Those airplane brothers needed to get on board. It would be awesome if one day in the future, I could have a career and live somewhere that I could commute to work by train everyday. Italy, perhaps? I am also very proud of us for navigating the train station so well, even though there were no English translations for anything. Two other British people asked us for directions! Either we look like we know exactly what we’re doing all the time, or British people are just completely clueless. But I choose to believe that we rock at this whole Italy thing, basically.

Anyway, I listened to a lot of John Mayer and Michael Buble and just stared out the window. I couldn’t even comprehend how beautiful it was! And I just kept thinking how grateful I am for my life. I never thought I would be traveling all over Europe. Ever! It feels like a dream, and I’m absolutely in love with it. I just want to spend the rest of my short little life traveling the whole world, because being surrounded by different cultures, and different people and languages and lifestyles, is the best learning experience I’ve ever had!

The beach was pretty awesome too! It was a typical public beach, but I mean, a public beach in Italy, so….still better. It was soooo nice to be in the cool water with how hot it’s been. We spent the whole day there! We left at 7 a.m. and returned around 7 p.m., so needless to say, we were all exhausted.  However, we still managed to find the energy to go out on the town later! It was the last weekend before classes, so it was pretty mandatory that we live it up.

We headed out to The Gallery, which is a local cocktail bar down the street from us. We go there pretty much any time we want to hang out, because we like the atmosphere. They play relaxing music, and it’s just a chill place. Some of the sports bars are a little too crazy for us, because we just like to hang out and talk. But we’ve gotten to know some of the regulars and workers there, so it’s actually been helping us learn too! The one guy who works there told us he’s giving us a break since we just got here, so he’s been speaking in fluent English to us all the time.  But in a couple of weeks, he’s going to start integrating Italian, and halfway through the semester, he said he is cutting us off from English.  So anytime we go in after that, we are only allowed to speak with him in Italian! I thought that was extremely nice of him, because he knows that we’re here to learn. Plus, he never makes us pay when we go there, just because he thinks we’re awesome! So, that’s a plus.

We also became friends with the owner of the gelato shop down the street from us (isn’t our diet superb?), and he gives us a brief Italian lesson every time we go there.  It sounds silly, but today we had our first Italian class for Kent, and I actually knew a lot of the phrases we covered because he taught them to us! It’s a whole lot easier to learn a language when you are surrounded by it, and I was really surprised by how eager so many people here are to help you learn!

Well, there is a lot more to say about the rest of our weekend, and the first day of school today. I split this post into two parts because so much has been happening! So stay tuned for part 2!

Thanks so much for reading my blog….I love you and miss you and I can’t wait to move here! hahaha. but seriously.

xoxo Lizzie xoxo

Writing playlist:
Something in the Water – Brooke Fraser
Sleepyhead – Passion Pit
Little Secrets – Passion Pit
Midsummer Station Album – Owl City

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4 thoughts on “Viareggio, classes, rainy days and new friends! Part 1.

  1. Kelly L says:

    You are only allowed to move to Italy on one condition. And that is that I am allowed to spend a good portion of my summer off just chillin at your Italian house 😛 I also like that 10+ days after you are in Italy you begin “learning” Italian. #kentprobs

  2. Elizabeth Blosfield says:

    hahaha I know! we need to stay away from those homeless creepers. He actually got kicked off the train because he didn't really have a ticket haha!

    Kelly, of course you will be spending every summer in my italian house w/ me and my servant/husband. HAHAHAHA! just kidding about the servant part…..kind of. yay! it will be so fun chilling in italia together! yeah I like how we knew barely any italian before we came here! haha we are kent state! I also like the hashtag in your comment. I like how they're just part of daily conversation now. hahahaha! I'm going to start actually saying “hashtag” during conversation.

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