Italians are beautiful.

Can we just talk about something?

Can we just talk about how I have not seen one unattractive Italian since we got here?

They all look like they stepped straight off the pages of a magazine. And they’re just so effortlessly beautiful. We’re walking around in this 100 degree heat, sweating from every location on our bodies, and these people just walk around wearing dark pants, long sleeve dresses and heels. And their hair and makeup is perfectly intact. I don’t understand. Are they mutants? What is this nonsense?

Furthermore, they’re all so skinny and muscular, even though there is tons of delicious food everywhere and gelato around every corner (Gelato is italian ice cream, but it’s more like a mixture of frozen yogurt and sherbert. Except better. Way better. It’s like eating a delicious cloud from heaven!)

And I’m pretty sure I have not seen one gym. Although, on my gym finder app for my smart phone (I have a gym finder app and an exercise fetish. Don’t worry about it) it says there are a bunch around here. But I think the Italians like to keep them secretly hidden from sight so they can all remain much more attractive than we are. That’s my theory.

I don’t even know where to begin with all the attractive Italian men so I won’t.

I think what I love most about Italy though, and I know it sounds cheesy and lame, is Italians are just beautiful people. On the inside too. I love how much they value relationships and community and investing in each other. It really is beautiful. For example, people say hi when they pass by each other. It reminds me of how America used to be in the old days. When you’re sitting on the porch and people walk by, waving and saying hi to each other…that’s what it’s like here! And when you accidentally brush against somebody on the crowded sidewalks, nobody says excuse me or I’m sorry or glares at you, because contact with other human beings isn’t actually considered an invasion of personal space. I don’t think personal space really exists here very much at all. People talk very close together, and they greet you with a kiss and a hug!
You don’t even have to talk to an Italian to notice how important relationships are to them though, because it’s evident in their culture. All of the cafes and restaurants are small and crowded, but hardly any places give you anything to-go. Some of the American, touristy areas will, but usually if you ask for coffee to-go at a local place, they just stare at you and say “I don’t understand.” Because people aren’t on-the-go. They sit down and eat meals and drink coffee together…that’s just what they do here. It’s so foreign!
In American restaurants, I always get annoyed when I don’t have enough room because everything is usually so spread out. But in restaurants here, the tables and seats are so small and really, really close together. The first time we went out to lunch at one of the cafes, I felt so incredibly awkward. We were sitting at this tiny table on these tiny stools that felt like a little kid’s tea table or something, and I kept trying to move my stool around so I wasn’t in anybody’s way.  I figured people would be annoyed. But people here aren’t so closed off to other people, and I think it’s awesome. I love America, and I don’t think it’s just us who are closed off sometimes. There are people who are like that all over the world. I’m sure there are Italians who are like that too, but I do think our culture is a lot different from European culture in a lot of ways.
In general, I just think italians are on the right track, and we could learn a lot from how they love each other! And also how everyone is so chill and laid-back. The culture here is so much more relaxed and focused on people and relationships, rather than machines and products.  It’s hard to get used to at first when you’re accustomed to being in a rush all the time, but once you finally start to get accustomed to it, you just can’t help but feel like that’s how it’s supposed to be! All the time.

Also, I want to live here.

That’s all! I’m not sure what we’re up to today, but I’ll keep you posted.

xoxo Lizzie xoxo

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3 thoughts on “Italians are beautiful.

  1. Lil says:

    You are so right! We are always in a rush here and I'm not ever quite sure what we are rushing to or for…just rushing because it feels like what we should be doing I guess.

    I found myself rushing to get ready for work this morning, sucking down my coffee while I rushed to stop for gas and rush to work to rush and deal with the 47 people that all needed something from me simultaneously and were in a rush (OK…we rush AND exaggerate a lot).

    Actually sitting down for real conversation or a friendly chat…without planning the next hurried task to accomplish should be part of everyone's day and if it happens to be in Italy at a cafe…all the better 🙂

  2. ACE says:

    This is a great observation. It goes to show how much nations and cultures can learn from one another, rather than be closed off and secluded. God made us different for many reasons, but learning from each other and respecting one another is definitely one of them:) Keep sharing!! Love the blog!!

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