Part 2!

Part 2! yay!

So…that night while we were out, we also met some very cute italian boys who bought us roses! So that was fun.

The one who bought me roses was Peter (in Italian, it’s Pietra), and he bought me a red and a pink one. He also told me I had the most beautiful eyes in all of Florence!  I’m sure that was 100% true and not a line at all.

When we got home, we put our roses in a vase on the center of our kitchen table to admire for the next couple of days. Because we are girls, and that’s how we roll. They smelled really good.

On Sunday, it rained all morning, which was much, MUCH needed.  It cooled things off so much! Sometimes, I have to actually cover up with my sheet when I go to sleep now.  Huge improvement.

Although the small side streets were a tad flooded, we still set out in the morning for church and a few museums later. It was actually really pretty! The rain felt so good on my skin, and the air was still warm. It wasn’t storming badly or anything, just a nice end of summer rain. We stopped at an American-style diner (they have American-style restaurants here, just like we have Italian ones at home) for a nice taste of home for brunch. I got scrambled eggs, toast, hashbrowns and a cappuccino, and it was so delicious!

The school gave us museum passes to get into most of the museums for free AND skip the long lines (woo!), so we attempted to visit the national history museum and the museum of modern art, but you need your student ID, and a few of the girls forgot theirs. So we saved it for another rainy or sunny day, and visited the Gucci museum instead.

Some of the stuff in there was ridiculous! Did you know they make Gucci cars, golf clubs, bicycles, sleds and silverware? How rich do you have to be to afford those things? I mean, obviously I will be able to afford them because my husband and I will have very successful careers. I just worry for everyone else….just kidding. I’m planning on going into public relations for non-profits, so I don’t think that will be an issue. However, if I win the lottery or marry a doctor, don’t ever let me own something as pointless as a GUCCI sled. or bicycle. Don’t ever let it get to the point where I have so much money, I buy things like that. okay? okay. thanks. glad we took care of that.

On Monday, we started class at Kent! My classes seem interesting, but a little difficult. I’m sure once we get into them, I will enjoy them though. It’s such a huge transition because we have our classes back-to-back and all in the same building. In one way, it’s kind of nice because we don’t have huge breaks with nothing to do in between classes.  But in another way, it kind of reminds me of middle school. And most people know how I felt about middle school.

We had italian homework that night, and one thing I quickly realized is that it’s ten times harder to concentrate on doing homework with all of Florence just outside your window! I’m really enjoying learning though! My favorite classes so far are Italian and Art History.  Plus, the people who work at the school, including all of the professors, are pretty much the most wonderful people I have met. They’re the kind of professors who are passionate about what they do and want you to learn and experience as much as you can! Those are the best kind. They have this way of making you feel like you can do anything you’re passionate about, if you set your mind to it!

The first day of orientation, we ended up talking to one of the fashion professors, who sat down with us for about an hour and showed us every single place on the map that we should go. He told us to start traveling right away, and travel as much as we can every weekend, because it’s cheap, and the best way to learn. He explained to us the importance of being a traveler, not a tourist, and trying to immerse ourselves in the culture and lifestyle of the locals as much as we can wherever we are! It was really encouraging. Then he was like, “Alright, what other questions do you have? What else can I help you with?” I just love when professors are so eager to help outside of class like that, because I feel like I’m actually learning something worthwhile.

Also, we’ve been having some issues with the people at the travel agency, such as not being the friendliest and wanting to rip us off.  But thankfully, we spoke to some of our kind professors, and they helped us figure out the best and cheapest solution for traveling this weekend! One of our professors actually spent half the class period just talking to us about how and where to travel instead of teaching the class. So that was fun.  It looks like we’ll be heading to Croatia this weekend by train, if everything goes according to our plans! Which, coincidentally or not so coincidentally, is on my bucket list of places to go before I die. Yes, I have one of those. And next weekend, we’ll be spending 3 days and 3 nights on the Amalfi Coast (which is also on the list! actually, most places are on the list haha), visiting Pompeii and Capri and lots of other fun places.

Just casually checking things off my bucket list daily. You know how I do.

I’ll keep you updated on how school and everything here is going! I hope everything is great wherever you are. Love you lots and lots!

xoxo Lizzie xoxo

“Be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in.” -Andrew Zimmern

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4 thoughts on “Part 2!

  1. Kelly L says:

    I need a clarification…did the boys smell good or the flowers or both?
    Back to back classes sound awful. How long of a day do you have? But they prolly know that once they get you there for class they better not let you leave or otherwise you would go exploring on your break and oops not make it back for the rest of your classes.
    On another note I will own a gucci sled. I will buy it right after I spend my entire annual salary adopting a child. Well maybe I will feed the kid then buy a gucci sled.
    And why the heck are all these wonderful passionate professors at the Kent Italian branch. Like should't some of the good profs have stayed at the main branch. Lol. JK I actually like most of my profs.
    Love and Miss you!!

  2. Lil says:

    You make me feel like I'm right there with you but I'm sure that you feel lucky that I am not!! hehe ;D

    Love the quote – appropriate whether you are “traveling” or simply traveling through life.

    Miss you much and love you even more <3

  3. Elizabeth Blosfield says:

    hahahaha! well…I didn't really notice that the boys had a particular scent lol!! they might have smelled good and I just wasn't paying attention though…but the flowers smelled SO good!! I decided that when I grow up I'm having a rose garden. yeah back to back classes aren't ideal haha, but thankfully they're just from 9-2 monday through wednesday, and then 10:45-12:30 on thursday. so it's not too bad!! HAHA you just go exploring and then oops don't make it back hahaha!! that probably was their logic considering that happens at boring old kent, and this is italy hahaha.
    haha!!!! you're going to spend your entire annual salary adopting a child hahahah!! then your second annual salary on a gucci sled. for you, of course, not your adopted child haha!! makes perfect sense. but yeah the kid probably needs fed, you can just give it some food from walmart. that'll be fine. HAHA jk!!
    I know!! the professors here are so good! but I'm glad you like all of your professors! I've really only had a few I strongly disliked so far haha. So I feel like Kent usually does a pretty good job. LOVE AND MISS YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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