screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-3-40-14-pmI was recently reminded of something I learned a while ago and wanted to share because I thought maybe this lesson could be passed on as a piece of unsolicited advice. The best kind, I know.

“Basically, you are exactly what we’re looking for. We really want you.”

I knew in my heart I had already made up my mind that this opportunity wasn’t the right thing. But those words still felt really good when I heard them on a sunny Thursday, sitting across from important people in a big, beautiful office in Chelsea.

I think when you have big dreams and are in a city like New York where there is so much opportunity to pursue them, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.

I think it’s important to choose fulfillment over temporary happiness. But I think that can be a hard distinction to make. Especially with so many distractions.

Have you ever met someone who is unhappy where they are, but has given up so much to get there that they feel stuck? Have you ever felt this way?

While dreams require hard work, sacrifice and dedication, I don’t think the right dreams will require everything you have. Because if you give up everything, you might eventually find you have this dream and nothing else. And then I think you need to question whether the dream instead has you.

There is a part of me that is a reasonable adult (mostly).

Then, there is another part of me that has all of these childhood dreams – some that are meant to become a reality and some that are better left as dreams.

Regardless, that part of me is surprisingly difficult to say no to when opportunities arise. That part of me wants temporary happiness – to be exactly what someone is looking for and to be wanted. I have to constantly remind that part of me about the fulfillment that only comes from what’s truly important.

I think sometimes opportunities are presented to us so we can learn from them, but not necessarily pursue them. This concept is unbelievably difficult to grasp for someone like me who has a fear of missing out.

But there is this really inspirational guy whose book I read a few years ago named Bob Goff. He says, “Every Thursday, I quit something.”

He decided to quit something every Thursday for the rest of his life – big or small – because he believes simplifying your life is fulfilling.

It just so happened to be Thursday when I heard those words: “You are exactly what we’re looking for.”

So, I decided to quit believing I need to take every opportunity that comes my way because I’m afraid of the question, “What if?”

I’ve noticed that feeling really only stems from my lack of trust in God’s timing. The words I heard next as I passed up on the opportunity were: “It sounds like your decision is made.”

As hard as it was, hearing that I had made a decision felt even better than hearing that I was wanted. I think this is because being wanted brings happiness that comes from others, but being decisive brings fulfillment that comes from yourself.

God is a pretty cool guy.

I think sometimes He allows doors to open for us simply because He knows we need to experience shutting them ourselves to fully understand we aren’t meant to walk through them.

There is some unsolicited advice to propel you into the weekend. 🙂 Now, here are some invasive questions:

What has you? What doors are open in your life that God is trusting you to shut?

Thursday comes once a week. What can you quit? 


“For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace.” –1 Corinthians 14:33