About Me


At the beginning of pre-school, Elizabeth was asked to answer a few ‘about me’ questions to help her classmates get to know her. One of the questions asked, “What are you passionate about?” Elizabeth wrote “words.” Twenty years later, her answer would be the same.

Although she knew she loved words, Elizabeth struggled with how to pursue a writing career before she eventually tripped and fell into journalism. After being coerced by a friend to join, Elizabeth spent three years as a senior editor and an entertainment reporter for her high school’s newspaper and entertainment magazine. Upon graduating, she moved to Kent, Ohio, to pursue her love for writing and reporting in depth at Kent State University.

At Kent State, Elizabeth worked as an assistant producer for Portage County’s student-run television station, TV2, and a city reporter for the Daily Kent Stater, a student-run, daily print and online newspaper in Portage County.She is a former intern for Salem Communications in Cleveland, Ohio, where she assisted with production and promotion for several radio stations, including 95.5 the Fish.

As her love for multimedia journalism grew, she became restless to learn as much as possible, which led her all the way to Florence, Italy. In Florence, Elizabeth studied communications for four months while writing for the travel magazine Flo’ on The Go. After returning, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in broadcast news and mass communication from KSU in December of 2013.

Elizabeth is currently a financial editor for a business-to-business trade publication in New York City where she resides and a freelance journalist and creative writer, with work published in Thought Catalog and Chicken Soup for the Soul.  In addition to writing and broadcasting, she has been dancing for 18 years and previously worked as a dance instructor at Upstage Performing Arts Center in Massillon, Ohio.

You can contact #RealTalk by reaching out here or following the blog on Instagram @bloghashtagrealtalk. or on Twitter @blogrealtalk.


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